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You guys-seriously if you are looking to lose weight the HEALTHY way, lose fat and gain muscle Lindsey is your girl!! She helped me loss 20lbs to date, I’m stronger and healthier then I’ve been in years. I HIGHLY recommend Fit Whitt Nutrition!!

--- Dawn

Counting macros has allowed me to optimize my potential in the gym along with losing the uncomfortable body fat before my wedding. 

Its taught me how to balance nutritious foods with fun foods so I never felt like I'm dieting.

--- Anthony 

I've done nearly every fad diet and quick fix that's  possible. Being on a restricted competition prep that made me say goodbye to my favorite foods leads to a spiraling unhealthy relationship with food. Since I started counting macros I've been able to regain my self confidence and live a healthier lifestyle eating what I Love in moderation

--- Lindsey 

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We’ve figured out a program with macros that fit my lifestyle // && change when needed to match my goals. 
•• We’ve figured out a consistent gym program, that I can easily follow. ++ no hours and hours of cardio 
•• We’ve battled ups && downs of this whole journey, fractured arm, and now my gallbladder issues.

N e v e r has Lindsey let me go through this process alone. She’s pushed me, been my shoulder to cry on, pep talked me && set the bar higher each time.

January 215lbs -> May 161lbs -> September 155lbs