Your IIFYM restaurant guide

Losing weight and eating out can seem hard at times. So my goal is to make things as easy for you as possible while reaching your goals.

The beautiful thing is that most restaurants now have their nutrition information online or in MFP. Now there can be a variance between restaurants but if you can’t find your exact item . Try to log as close as possible while being realistic!!

Don’t be afraid to ask for adjustments.

No butter

No oil

Grilled over fried

Ask the portion sizes of meats

No salad dressing, cheese, croutons (put everything on the side )

Bring your own food scale (they make purse size ones for easy tracking)

Do I recommend eating out for every meal. No not really. 1. You spend a lot of money and 2. You may be way off on your macro/calorie count due to hidden ingredients

Here are the top items I would pick from these restaurants!


1. Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Grilled Chicken - 320kcal: 14F/9C/42P

2. Egg White Delight McMuffin - 260kcal: 8F/29C/16P

3. Southwest Salad w/ Grilled Chicken - 350kcal: 11F/27C/37P

4. Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich- 380kcal: 7F/44C/37P

5. Vanilla Ice Cream Cone - 200kcal: 5F/32C/5P (BEST PREWORKOUT EVER)

Check out their nutrition calculator to further customize order possibilities.

Taco Bell

1. Breakfast Soft Taco w/ egg & cheese - 170kcal: 9F/15C/7P

2. Grilled Steak Soft Taco - 200kcal: 10F/17C/12P

3. Fresco Soft Steak Taco - 140kcal: 4F/17C/10P

4. Fresco Soft Chicken Taco - 150kcal: 6F/16C/9P

5. Chicken Power Bowl w/o avocado ranch, rice, guacamole - 260kcal: 10F/17C/24P


1. Full Size Apple Pecan Chicken Salad w/o dressing - 350kcal: 11F/28C/35P

3. Large Chili - 250kcal: 7F/23C/23P

4. Jr. Cheeseburger - 280kcal: 13F/25C/16P

5. Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 370kcal: 10F/38C/34P

6. Grilled Chicken Wrap - 270kcal: 10F/24C/20P

Chick fil a

1. 12-count Grilled Nuggets - 210kcal: 5F/3C/38P

2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 310kcal: 6F/36C/29P

3. Grilled Market Salad w/ Grilled Nuggets - 350kcal: 14F/27C/31P

4. Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich - 430kcal: 16F/36C/37P

5. Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap - 360kcal: 13F/30C/40P

6. Egg White Chicken Grill - 300kcal: 7F/31C/25P


IIFYM-er's dream come true. You can make pretty much anything fit your macros here. ;) If you're on poverty macros I recommend making a salad with double fajita veggies, steak or chicken, and salsa. This restaurant is just a given.


Same for this place !!

Firehouse Subs

1. Small Club on a Sub w/ no mayo – 290kcal: 9F/31C/20P

2. Small Hook & Ladder w/ no mayo – 260kcal: 7F/31C/18P

3. Small Turkey Bacon Ranch w/ no mayo – 310kcal: 13F/29C/20P

4. Chopped Salad w/ Grilled Chicken w/ no dressing – 260kcal: 8F/15C/34P

5. Chopped Salad w/ Turkey and Grilled Chicken w/ no dressing – 350kcal: 9F/20C/52P


Note: For the most part macros are pretty bad overall here.