It no longer fits

You might have been there before. Or might even be there now.

It hurts.


I was going through some emotional events over the past two weeks and used those events as a reason to eat more. My fingers began to swell up and my wedding ring got tighter and tighter. I put on lotion every day to help loosen it up. I even took it off for a few days.

I took time off from sticking to a specific calorie target. But still tracked. Yes am guilty of taking the phrase “treat yourself” to a whole new level in the food world.


1. I’m an emotional eater. And 2. I thought I could use a mental break somewhere in my life.

People will tell those who appear to be in shape that they “deserve it” that they “earned it” .

Those sayings, “you deserve it” and “earned It” are true to some extent. It’s okay to take diet breaks. Especially if you are at a good point with your goals. But if you aren’t there yet and can keep pushing, then by all means keep your eye on the prize.

Taking a break was nice but I could feel my body craving for consistency again. Craving for nutritious foods that were my typical days of eating.

I admit that I had put on a few pounds during this time. Most would. Especially with the amount of processed foods that were consumed... Hello inflammation!!

The eye opener for me is when my wedding ring was feeling uncomfortable. I had to switch to my rubber ring until my fingers were no longer swollen and pudgy.


It crossed my mind to jump into a crazy restrictive mode and try to lose the gained weight quick. To start the diet cycle that everyone jumps on after a weekend, week, or month of over eating.

But I know where it will lead me and I don’t want to go down that road.

Many people do. And if that’s you its okay. But know that every time it happens, you’re making it harder in the long run to lose the weight you keep losing and then end up putting back on. Ever feel like diet #24 was way harder than diet #1? Its because your body is adapting to your choices and you aren’t creating a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE that your body prefers.


Those two weeks are over and it’s what I’m doing now that will keep me right on track for my goals.

Understand that I am going to take the weight off at a moderate pace.

Keeping my food choices within my boundaries without saying no to my favored foods. By planning out my day and week with nutritious choices, drinking my water, and staying active. I will not restrict to the extreme or starve myself for three days to make up for what I have done.

I am just going to keep moving forward.

That’s it.

Hop right back onto my plan and not give up.

And my ring will fit comfortably again.



If you’re in this position or a similar one and want some extra accountability and coaching. Email me today at

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