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Meet Lindsey

From 12 years of dance, 4 years of cheerleading, and now nearly 4 years of bodybuilding, Lindsey has always had a passion for health and fitness. Graduated from University of Indianapolis with an Entrepreneurship degree she knew she wanted to own her own business either through fitness or nutrition to teach others the possibility of having a healthier life without major sacrifices.


The first two years of bodybuilding she spent competing in 3 NPC bikini competitions in Indiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Placing top 5 in all three shows. She knows the hours and dedication it takes to compete. The good, bad, and the ugly side of the sport. “The sport is amazing however I wanted to keep a physique that I could maintain and be proud of as well. Especially for a female.” Lindsey plans on competing again in a few years but has currently been working on implementing the lifestyle with her husband and spreading the knowledge of macros across the country. She wants to teach her clients you can eat healthy on a budget, spend time with loved ones, and achieve your goals!!


Lindsey is now well known for embracing the fitness lifestyle through her macro friendly meal creations, social media inspiration, and teaching others the macronutrient lifestyle. She focuses on the long term science approach with her coaching getting rid of all of the “quick fixes and fad diets.” It is important that her clients set realistic goals and are accepting of the output in comparison to their input. It’s a journey and she’ll be there every step of the way to guide you to the end.


Anything is possible if you set your mind to it! Lets get started!